Front View Enduro MTB Tuca EASSUN Helmet with Visor, Very Light and Ventilated, Grey
Side View Enduro MTB Tuca EASSUN Helmet with Visor, Very Light and Ventilated, Grey
Front View Enduro MTB Tuca EASSUN Helmet with Visor, Very Light and Ventilated, Grey
Side View Enduro MTB Tuca EASSUN Helmet with Visor, Very Light and Ventilated, Grey

Enduro MTB Tuca EASSUN Helmet with Visor, Ultra-Light-Weight and Ventilated

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The Enduro MTB Tuca EASSUN helmet is characterised by the originality of the design, which provides a very efficient ventilation system and, at the same time, allows the use of a visor. Also, the implementation of in-mould technology results in a lightweight accessory, as the net weight is 330 grams. It is recommended for cycling, focusing on Enduro or MTB.   

  • Black
  • White
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Helmet with visor, ultra-light-weight and ventilated for Enduro MTB

This accessory is distinguished by the visor and their light weight, compared to other products of the same type.

Another peculiarity worth mentioning is its ventilation system, which allows constant ventilation of the sweat generated on the head.

Ideal for those who practice Enduro or MTB.

Ultra-light-weight helmet

One of the most important aspects in the manufacture of this type of accessory is its lightness.

This means that obtaining an article that enhances this singularity will facilitate greater performance, since it is a completely determining factor when it comes to achieving excellent wellbeing.

The net weight of the Tuca EASSUN is only 330 grams, including the visor.

Helmet with visor

This model offers the option of including a visor in the top area, depending on the needs you have and/or the requirements of the place where you are going to ride.

In addition, the adhesion of this piece has the main objective of protecting you from various situations that you may encounter depending on the particularities of each environment, such as protection from the sun, branches or mud.

Therefore, these common problems will not affect your visibility and, at the same time, it will give you greater safety, as you will avoid possible falls caused by any of these exposed circumstances.

Included ventilation system

One of the most important particularities is the incessant flow of air through the hexagonal holes made in the manufacturing process, which are usually circular in shape.

In this respect, this design optimises aerodynamics due to the various added aerations, which have been mentioned above.

What colors are available?

The color ranges used to decorate this accessory can be seen below:

  • BTM01/BTL01: Grey.
  • BTM02/BTL02: Black.
  • BTM03/BTL03: White.

Product features

Next, review more technical information about this latest addition to our collection of EASSUN cycling helmets:

  • This is a very light item, because its net weight is 330 grams.
  • Polystyrene and polycarbonate are the materials used to carry out its production.
  • Each combination can be chosen in two different sizes: S-M (55-58 cm) or L-XL (58-61 cm).

In-mould technology applied to the design

This model is made of a technique based on a greater uniformity of the components for the creation of the accessory, making them much more resistant.

Tuca EASSUN: Your Enduro MTB helmet!

This type of product is essential for the protection of any rider, so it is very important to equip yourself with one that provides greater safety. Apart from this main and basic function, this model has a number of features that will enable you to acquire superlative comfort. Besides the unquestionable technical quality, on a visual level, the applied print is very innovative and adapts perfectly to the latest market trends. Check out the 3 options you can choose from and select the one you like the most!

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330 gr.
Ventilation System

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