MTB Cycling Shoes 320 EASSUN, Adjustable and Non-Slip with Ventilation System, Black and White

MTB Cycling Shoes 320 EASSUN, Adjustable and Non-Slip with Ventilation System

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The 320 EASSUN shoes are distinguished by being: adjustable, due to the built-in millimetric closure, and non-slip, with the implementation of the Vibram sole and the inner fibre sheets that promote greater rigidity. The material used is synthetic leather, antibacterial and anti-allergic. At the same time, the design allows for a ventilation system over most of the product's surface. Suitable for MTB, although they can be used for other cycling specialities.  

  • Black and Red
  • Black and White


Adjustable and non-slip shoes with ventilation system for MTB

This accessory consists of an exclusive piece that is specifically adapted to the singularities of each foot.

Also, their design facilitates constant aeration and, at the same time, their special features make it difficult to slip.

It is recommended for bikers competing in Mountain Bike, although it can be used in other cycling disciplines.

Adjustable shoes for maximum comfort

The production of this product has a millimetric closure, which enhances their adaptation to the dimensions of any foot.

In this sense, the ability to adapt exclusively to the measurements of each person ensures an individualisation of the accessory that is very interesting for your comfort.

This pleasant sensation will translate into a much more efficient performance compared to other articles of the same type.

Design with ventilation system

This model is manufactured from a synthetic leather, which is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.

Also included are small holes located on the both sides and the front face.

This way, a persistent aeration process is achieved, which is a very necessary peculiarity for any biker.

Non-slip shoes with Vibram sole

One advantage is the construction of the sole from rubber and inner fibre sheets that consolidate its rigidity when pedalling.

In addition, it is equipped with the famous Vibram brand, which provides better grip on trails and/or trials.

Therefore, you will achieve a total safety that you will fully enjoy while carrying out your activity.

Red or white to complement black?

This article offers two different combinations, where black is the predominant colour, although the secondary shade varies depending on the reference in question:

  • SB32001: The print is black and red.
  • SB32003: The colour range combines white with black.

Product features

Constrast some technical aspects of the 320 EASSUN MTB cycling shoes:

  • The material used consists of polyurethane together with synthetic leather, which is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.

MTB Pro team shoes

This accessory is ideal for those who practice Mountain Bike in a more competitive environment. In fact, today, many professional bikers have confidence in the quality of this product.

Innovative and elegant model

Throughout this description, we have detailed the most relevant features of this product, which, at the same time, are essential for any biker to obtain a superlative well-being. Their visual impact is notorious, due to the aesthetic renewal of their design and their distinction that transmits when visualizing it. This first impression is confirmed by its warm touch, which you will feel totally at ease with from the first contact. Now, all you have to do is choose the composition you like best, taking into account your stylistic requirements, and the relevant size. In relation to this idea, each reference covers a wide range of sizes, from 40 to 46. What are you waiting to get your 320 EASSUN MTB cycling shoes now!

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