Running and Cycling Sunglasses Giant EASSUN, CAT 2 Solar Lens with White Frame and Mirror Red Lens

Running and Cycling Sunglasses Giant EASSUN, CAT 2 Solar Lens, Anti-slip and Adjustable with Ventilation System

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Giant EASSUN sunglasses are made by a unique big and cylindric solar lens corresponding to CAT 2, anti-slip and with an adaptable nose bridge to all nose sizes. Their design develops Airflow® technology in the upper part, which helps to avoid fog. These features perfectly suit anyone who practices cycling.

Video of Giant EASSUN Sunglasses

Frame Colour
  • Matte Black
  • White
Lens Colour
  • Red FIre


CAT 2 solar lens with adaptable nose and Airflow® technology for cycling.

This model has a one-of-a kind big-sized solar lens and a nose bridge which adapts to different dimensions.

This product also combats fogging due to its ventilation system.

All these features make them perfect for cycling.

CAT 2 Solar lenses

Solar lenses are divided into different groups (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) according to their visible light absorption.

This model corresponds to category 2, which absorbs between 57% and 81% of light.

All in all, it is recommended for situations with intermediate light conditions.

Maximum comfort adaptable nose bridge

The design has an adjustable nose bridge which exclusively adapt all measures.

The fact of fixing them according to each size contributes on being anti-slip because of their perfect adaptation to the face.

These features are very important when it comes to achieve a perfect comfort when using this product during a concrete physical activity.

Airflow® technology

Generally, it is very likely fogging appears while cycling.

Giant EASSUN on their upper side have a ventilation system which combats fogging.

You won’t have to interrupt anymore your activity due to this annoying situation.

Different color sunglasses

Giant EASSUN CAT 2 can be found in three models, differenced by the frame and lenses with different combinations:

  • 38100: Matte black frame and red mirror lenses.
  • 38101: This product is completely grey, even if lenses have smoky shade.
  • 38103: Red mirror lenses and white frame with black details.

Product features

Check other technical features:

  • Big solar glass belongs to CAT 2 and made with polycarbonate.
  • On the other hand, the material used during frame production is Grilamid®.
  • They weight 33 grams.

Cylindric and big-sized lens

The design stands out for the cylindric and big-sized lenses. One of the benefits is your vision comfort in sunny places due to its protection from sunbeam.

New customized generation sunglasses

The design used for the creation of this product completely matches to latest style trends. Moldable temples and softness will make you feel comfortable because of its perfect fit to your face. Besides, different attractive available colors make easy to find your perfect model. What are you waiting for?

Afterwards, you can watch a video of the Giant EASSUN cycling sunglasses:

Product Details

Type of Glasses
Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Nose Bridge Adjustable
Ventilation System: Airflow® Technology
Frame Material
Grilamid TR-90
33 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material

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