Epic EASSUN Spare Parts, Red and Solar CAT 3, Large and Water-Repellent

Epic EASSUN Spare Parts, Solar CAT 3, Large and Water-Repellent

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The Epic EASSUN spare parts are CAT 3 solar, so they are exceptionally useful in spaces with high luminosity and in areas where light reflects off snow or water. Also, the lenses are large, with the purpose of increasing your vision and safety, and water repellent, as water slides off their surface.

Lens Colour
  • Red FIre
  • Green


Large, water-repellent CAT 3 solar replacement lenses

Within the different categories available, these items meet the peculiarities of CAT 3. Therefore, they are prepared for use in environments with high luminosity.

In this sense, their size is marked by being of high proportions, taking into account the common typology of this product.

These sunglasses also stand out for their ability to repel water.

CAT 3 solar replacement sunglasses

Currently, they are categorized into various groups (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) based on their visible light absorption ability.

Epic EASSUNs have conditions that conform to categorization 3.

This fact means that they regulate, without any problem, the light of areas where the presence of the sun is extreme and that of spaces where light reflection appears in snow or water.

Lenses of large dimensions that optimize your safety

Because it is a product with superior measures, compared to most articles in its sector, it offers you certain singularities that these do not have.

First of all, it guarantees you more eye protection in case of any impact.

Also, your field of vision will benefit, since it will be larger than other sunglasses, which use smaller lenses.

Water-repellent lenses for maximum comfort

This particularity consists in the fact that water droplets, which fall on top, will slide down its surface without causing major complications.

This feature will enhance, completely, the achievement of a superlative well-being when you use the Epic EASSUN.

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