Record EASSUN Spare Parts, REVO Blue and Solar CAT 3, Large, Ultralight and Water Repellent

Record EASSUN Spare Parts, Solar CAT 3, Large, Ultralight and Water Repellent

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The Record EASSUN spare parts is CAT 3 solar except for the clear one, which adjusts to moments where there is low luminosity. Also, its large size allows greater vision and safety when using them. In addition, its design makes it a very lightweight sports sunglass, with a net weight of only 18 grams.

Lens Colour
  • Blue REVO
  • Red FIre
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Transparent
  • Orange


Large, ultra-lightweight, water-repellent CAT 3 solar replacement lens

This product corresponds to a categorization of 3, so you can choose the one that best suits your stylistic taste.

Despite having a large size, sports sunglasses, which make this glass and frame, are very light.

Also, it highlights its ability to repel water in case drops fall.

CAT 3 solar replacement glass

Currently, a separation is used in which these items are organized into groups ranging from 0 through 4.

This classification is governed by the percentage of visible light absorption of each lens.

In this sense, Record EASSUN belong to category 3, so they are fully recommended in conditions where the luminosity is very high, including those where the light is reflected on snow or water.

Large and ultra-lightweight lens

Its considerable size makes possible a greater safety to your eyes in case of suffering any impact in that specific area.

In addition, this particularity also causes an increase in your field of vision when performing a particular activity.

Although it is a larger size compared to other items of the same type, its design makes the Record EASSUN a very lightweight sports sunglasses, with a net weight of 18 grams.

Water-repellent glass for maximum comfort

This singularity grants that the water "slides" on its surface, avoiding possible interruptions while you carry out your sports practice.

This feature maximizes the opportunity to obtain supreme well-being, one of EASSUN's main objectives.

Huge diversity of colors

Please select the shade that most appeals to you to match your Record EASSUN frame. It should be noted that all the lenses are CAT 3, except for the clear one which is ideal for environments with low light:

  • REVO blue
  • Fire red
  • Matte black
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Clear
  • Transparent

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