Monster EASSUN Photochromic CAT 1-2 Spare Parts, Anti-Fog and Water Repellent

Monster EASSUN Photochromic CAT 1-2 Spare Parts, Anti-Fog and Water Repellent

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The Monster EASSUN replacement lenses are CAT 1-2 photochromic, so they are fully adaptable to the specific brightness of each open space. Their design optimises the fact that they are anti-fogging sports sunglasses, as they completely prevent fogging. At the same time, they are water-repellent lenses, because the drops slide down their surface without causing any discomfort.

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CAT 1-2 photochromic, anti-fog and water-repellent replacement lenses

These are photochromic lenses, which belong to the CAT 1-2 group.

One of the special features of these models is that they make it impossible for mist to form inside them.

The Monster EASSUNs are distinguished by their ability to repel water.

CAT 1-2 photochromic replacement lenses

The use of two photochromic lenses, when making these sports sunglasses, facilitates a better adjustment to the ambient luminosity in outdoor environments.

Therefore, these lenses become darker when the sun shines on them, while when the sun stops shining on them, they become lighter to a shade close to transparent.

These products are also assigned to category 1-2. In this sense, your eyes will become less tired, as your vision will not suffer from drastic changes.

Anti-fog lenses

Through their design, a constant ventilation system is enhanced, which will allow you to obtain a superlative comfort.

This singularity happens thanks to the flow of air that passes through its entire surface, obstracting its fogging.

In short, you won't have to stop your physical exercise to defog your sports sunglasses.

Water-repellent lenses for maximum comfort

This peculiarity is caused by water droplets falling on them, which slide over their surface without causing you any complications.

This makes it easier for you to feel comfortable while wearing the Monster EASSUN.

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