La Piuma I EASSUN Spare Parts Lens, Clear, Ultralight and Water-Repellent

La Piuma I EASSUN Spare Parts Lens, Clear, Ultralight and Water-Repellent

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The spare parts La Piuma I EASSUN is transparent. In addition, its design allows it to be a very light sports sunglasses with a net weight of 17 grams. In parallel, it enhances that it is water repellent, because the drops slip off its surface.

Lens Colour
  • Transparent


Clear, ultra-light and water-repellent replacement lens

The Piuma I EASSUN is made of an exclusive glass, which is transparent.

Also, its very low net weight makes it a very lightweight sports sunglass.

Another particularity to take into account is its ability to repel water.

Clear replacement glass

As of today, these products are classified from 0 to 4. In this sense, the criterion used to establish this separation is based on the percentage of light absorption of each item.

This model has transparent refills, CAT 0.

The transparent ones are recommended in locations with a dim luminosity.

Ultra-light lens

This feature is essential for achieving unquestionable comfort when using this product.

Its design grants this uniqueness, giving a unique sensation, since you will not notice its presence while doing your sports practice.

The Piuma I EASSUN is manufactured in such a way that it only has a net weight of 17 grams, so it is undoubtedly a very light sports sunglasses.

Water-repellent glass for maximum comfort

This feature consists of the ability of this item to slide those drops of water that fall on its surface.

This fact will prevent you from suffering annoying situations, optimizing to the maximum the obtaining of an indisputable comfort.

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