Veleta EASSUN Spare Parts, REVO Red and Solar CAT 2, Anti-fogging and Water Repellent

Veleta EASSUN Spare Parts, Solar CAT 2 or 3, Anti-fogging and Water Repellent

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The Veleta EASSUN replacement lens can be CAT 2 or 3, depending on the lens you choose. At the same time, its design makes it an anti-fog cycling sunglasses, as it obstructs the formation of mist in its inner area. It also makes it water-repellent, because the drops slide over the entire surface without generating any complications.

Lens Colour
  • Red REVO
  • Brown
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CAT 2 or 3 solar replacement lens, anti-fog and water repellent.

This model is manufactured with only one large peripheral lens, which can be of category 2 or 3, depending on the selected one.

One of its most notable features is its ability to prevent fogging on the inside.

In addition, another feature is its remarkable ability to repel water.

CAT 2 or 3 solar replacement glass

Currently, these accessories are organised according to the percentage of visible light absorption of each one.

This classification is divided into groups ranging from 0 to 4. In this case, the EASSUN weather vane has category 2 and 3 replacements.

In relation to the above, CAT 2 is particularly suitable for situations with intermediate levels of brightness, as it absorbs between 51 % and 81 % of light. On the other hand, CAT 3 is better suited to environments with extreme sunlight. Based on this information, choose the one that best suits your needs and stylistic tastes.

Anti-fog lens

One of the most annoying problems when using any cycling glasses is fogging, because it completely limits the quality of your vision.

As a consequence of this inconvenience, EASSUN has generated an incessant ventilation system due to the air flow that runs through the entire product.

Therefore, you will never again have to worry about interrupting your activity due to the formation of mist.

Water-repellent glass for maximum comfort

This uniqueness is produced thanks to the disposition of this article to slip those drops of water that skid through its area without causing any concern.

In this way, your visibility will not be affected, thus optimising the acquisition of undisputed well-being.

Which replacement glass do you prefer?

Next, check the existing shades and the degree of categorisation you are looking for of the EASSUN Weathervane. Choose the one that suits your needs:

  • REVO Red: CAT 2.
  • Brown: CAT 2.
  • Silver: CAT 3.
  • REVO Blue: CAT 3.

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