Giant EASSUN Spare Parts, Blue REVO and CAT 2 Solar, Anti-Fog and Water Repellent
Giant EASSUN Spare Parts, Blue REVO and CAT 2 Solar, Anti-Fog and Water Repellent

Giant EASSUN Spare Parts, CAT 2 Solar, Anti-Fog and Water Repellent

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The Giant EASSUN replacement lens is CAT 2 and comes in two different colours. Suitable for environments marked by the intermediate presence of sunlight. Its design provides the following qualities: anti-fogging, making fogging impossible, and water repellent, because the droplets slide off the surface.

Lens Colour
  • Blue REVO
  • Red FIre
  • Smokey Grey


CAT 2 replacement sunglass lens, anti-fogging and water repellent

This article belongs to category 2, but is available in various shades.

Another important feature is that it is water-repellent.

The design of the glass is such that it prevents the creation of mist on the inside of the screen.

CAT 2 solar replacement glass

These products are divided into different groups (0, 1, 2, 2, 3, or 4). The criteria used to make this classification is based on the visible light absorption capacity of each lens.

As far as this model is concerned, it corresponds to category 2, which can absorb between 57 % and 81 % of light.

This means that these lenses are ideal for use in situations where the degree of ultraviolet rays is intermediate.

Anti-fog lens

Due to the specialised design of the Giant EASSUN, a constant ventilation system is generated in the production of the Giant EASSUN, making it possible to achieve unparalleled comfort.

This procedure is developed thanks to the air flow, which flows over the entire surface, limiting the formation of mist.

This unique feature will also save you from all those times when you have to interrupt your activity because your cycling glasses have fogged up. This way, you will enjoy a superlative tint.

Water-repellent glass for maximum comfort

This feature allows water droplets that fall on top of the glasses to slide off without causing you any discomfort.

So when you use your Giant EASSUN cycling glasses, you'll achieve unbeatable comfort.

Decide which colour you prefer

See which of the two colour ranges best suits your frame, depending on your stylistic tastes:

  • Fire red.
  • Smoky grey.

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