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OAK EASSUN Multisport Sunglassess, Photochromic and Unisex with Black Frame

OAK EASSUN Multisport Sunglassess, Photochromic and Unisex

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The OAK EASSUN sunglasses are composed of a frame and two photochromic lenses, which protect your eyes and, in turn, facilitate your vision constantly. Also, their design is unisex, that is to say, any person can use them. It is recommended for those athletes who perform outdoor activities.


Photochromic and unisex multisport sunglasses

This item is manufactured based on two photochromic lenses that will keep your eyes protected.

The design and colors that decorate the product are available for women and men.

Also, this model is able to be used in any outdoor sport.

Photochromic sunglasses

The development of two photochromic lenses enhances the acclimatization of the lenses to ambient brightness in outdoor spaces.

This fact is very interesting, since, in this way, the product will not diminish your vision at any time.

Also, the dimensions of the lenses will increase the safety of your eyes without their presence bothering you.

Comfortable unisex sunglasses

The OAK's construction is designed for use by anyone.

Thus, the implemented design can be used by both men and women.

In this sense, this model stands out for its feeling of well-being when using them.

Product features

Below, you will be able to review some of the more technical aspects in more detail:

  • The OAKs consist of two photochromic lenses and an accompanying frame.
  • Polycarbonate (lens) is the material from which this model is made.
  • These glasses weigh 24 grams.

Model designed for multisport

This product is not specialized for a particular sport, because its general features enable its use for anyone who carries out a particular outdoor exercise. For that reason, these are multi-faceted glasses, because they are useful in case you practice different activities in open environments.

Lightweight sunglasses

This item stands out for its lightness, compared to other products of the same typology. In this sense, this model has a net weight of, exclusively, 24 grams. This singularity will give you the impression that you are not wearing it.

Product Details

Type of Glasses
Type of Lens/es
24 gr.
Lens Category
CAT 1-3
Lens/es Material

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