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X-Light Sport EASSUN Running Sunglasses, CAT 3 with Shiny White Frame and Red REVO Lens

X-Light Sport EASSUN Running Sunglasses, CAT 3 Solar Lens, Ultra-light-weight

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X-Light Sport EASSUN sunglasses are the lightest in the world due to their 15 grams. The product is made with a small solar, water repellent and anti-fog with extra brightness lens, which belongs to CAT 3. These glasses also have an interchangeable transparent lens. Their design allows ultra-light-weight and flexibility, reaching maximum comfort. Ideal for running.


CAT 2-3 ultra-light-weight solar lenses with extra clarity for running

This product is made by a solar lens. Depending on the model, the lens belongs to category 2 or 3.

Moreover, X-Light Sport stand out for being the lightest sunglasses in the world, only weighting 15 grams.

Their design provides you extra lenses clarity, positive fact for athletes focused on running.

Lightest world sportive sunglasses

X-Light Sport are similar to X-Light, although their upper lens design easies a lower weight.

The ultra-lightest international sunglasses.

They only weight 15 grams, exclusive feature and allows comfort while using them.

CAT 2-3 solar lenses with extra clarity

Currently, solar lenses can be divided in different groups (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4), according to visible light absorption.

According to this classification, this lens belongs to 2 or 3, depending on X-Light Sport model.

Moreover, EASSUN® provides another interchangeable transparent lens which adapts better to weak light situations.

Product features

Check the most technical features of the product:

  • Solar, anti-fog and water repellent lens made with polycarbonate, and a Grilamid® frame or spoiler.
  • X-Light Sport are ultra-light-weight because of their 15 grams.

Anti-fog small lens

X-Light Sport lenses are small in comparison to other EASSUN® products. Their design stands out for lower open part and three lateral airholes, which offers 80% of lens ventilation. Anti-fog lens presents high resistance to stem.

Flexible lenses for maximum comfort

Flexible spoiler is one of this product advantages, which will benefit with your maximum comfort.

Attractive models with interchangeable transparent lens

Apart from CAT 2-3 solar lens, EASSUN® provides, depending on the chosen model, a replaceable and transparent lens, which adapts to low luminosity situations. You can select the ones which adapt the most to your activity. Colors that decorate the frame are traditional but nice because the results combinations are singular and unique. Moreover, being flexible, ultra-light-weight and anti-fog exemplify our slogan “ride light with us”, reaching maximum comfort.

Product Details

Type of Glasses
Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Nose Bridge Adjustable
Ventilation System: Airflow® Technology
Frame Material
Grilamid TR-90
15 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material
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