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Record EASSUN Sunglasses, CAT 3 Solar Lens with Black and Yellow Frame and Mirror Green REVO Lens

Record EASSUN Sunglasses, CAT 3 Solar Lens and Ultra-light-weight with Airflow Ventilation System

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Record EASSUN sunglasses are ultra-light-weight and are made with a unique big solar, water repellent lens 3 and with an exclusive spoiler which allows light-weight. Moreover, their ventilation system easies anti-fog because of Airflow® technology and avoids stem. Ideal for running because they meet your needs and allows an expanded vision.  


CAT 2-3 solar lenses, ultra-light-weight with Airflow® technology for running

They have a unique big lens, whose design easies light-weight.

Record lenses avoid inner stem because of their ventilation system.

This model totally adapts to runner needs.

Ultra-light-weight lenses

Record EASSUN are ultra-light-weight because of their 18 grams. They are one of the lightest lenses on the market.

Your will achieve maximum comfort when using them because you will make the most of their advantages.

This product provides you maximum comfort in comparison to same style models.

Airflow® technology

This feature is relevant because sweating is usual when running and, therefore, stem.

The selected design easies lenses airing without forgetting eyes protection.

Ventilation system mentioned avoids stem creation.

Product features

Check the most technical features:

  • This model is made with a unique big solar, anti-fog and water repellent lens, with a frame or spoiler.
  • Polycarbonate and Grilamid® are the materials used.
  • They only weight 18 grams.

CAT 2-3 solar lenses

Currently, this type of products are divided from 0 to 4, according to the visible light absorption. Depending on the chosen Record model, they belong to category 2 or 3.

First group can absorb between the 51% and 81% of light, while the second has more capacity, which regularizes luminosity in places which extreme sunlight.

Greater field of view

The design allows greater field of view without forgetting lightness lens. Moreover, their size is perfect to provide a balance between ventilation and eyes protection.

Extreme light-weight design and maximum comfort

Record EASSUN colors transmits vitality and won’t go unnoticed. Their cozy touch will totally persuade because you will enjoy their lightness, quality design and maximum comfort.

Product Details

Type of Glasses
Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Nose Bridge Adjustable
Ventilation System: Airflow® Technology
Frame Material
Grilamid TR-90
18 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material

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