Adult Ski/Snow Goggles Magnetic EASSUN, CAT 3 Red Fire Solar and Black Frame with Interchangeable Lens

Adult Ski/Snow Goggles Magnetic EASSUN, CAT 3 Solar with Interchangeable Lens

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The Magnetic EASSUN goggles are a category 3 solar goggles with an interchangeable yellow CAT 1 lens. This allows you to choose the large screen that best suits the weather conditions at any given time. The change is automatic and very practical, as the lens is held in place by magnets. In its design, there is no frame on the front, while its interior provides unique comfort. Ideal for skiing or snowboarding. 

Frame Colour
  • Matte Black
Lens Colour
  • Red REVO
  • Silver


CAT 3 sun goggles with interchangeable lens for skiing and snowboarding

This model has a large sun lens that belongs to category 3.

It also offers another sun visor, which can be substituted for the previous one depending on your needs.

The special features of this product make it ideal for skiing and snowboarding.

CAT 3 sun visor

There is a distribution, in which a certain categorization is attributed to each screen, depending on the degree of permeability of ultraviolet rays that each of them has.

This classification ranges from 0 to 4, although they can be separated into three subgroups: CAT 0, CAT 1-2 and CAT 3-4. In this case, this model corresponds to category 3.

This translates into higher protection on sunny days, as the lens uses a dark tint.

Automatically interchangeable lens

Taking into account the organisation mentioned in the previous section, EASSUN also provides a large yellow CAT 1 sunshield. This can be exchanged for the other, depending on the weather conditions.

In this respect, this lens has a very light tint, which makes it more suitable for bad weather or cloudy days when visibility is lower. In these circumstances, the category 3 lens is ineffective, as your vision will be even more impaired with its use.

The change does not require any manipulation, because it is held in place by magnets. Its simplicity, when it comes to alternating the shades that benefit you most in each situation, is very useful for adapting to weather changes in the mountains.

Choose your favourite model

You can choose between two lenses with different tones, although both have an interchangeable yellow lens:

  • MG-01: Silver.
  • MG-02: REVO Red.

Product features

Below you can find out about some of the more technical aspects of the product:

  • The net weight is only 146 grams.
  • Both lenses are made of polycarbonate.

Interior design that optimises your comfort

The inside of this model has dual density foam and anti-bacterial fabric. These singularities increase, completely, its softness when it comes into contact with your skin. This increases the achievement of excellent comfort.

Rimless mask at the front

One of the peculiarities of this design is the lack of frame in the upper part of the article. In addition, the glass, which makes it, is of a large size, increasing the safety of your eyes in case of a blow or fall. Aesthetically, it uses discreet colours, but very easy to combine and adapt to the different stylistic tastes of each person. At the same time, its soft touch will intensify your confidence in the product to the point that you will establish an extraordinary bond that will result in the acquisition of an incomparable well-being. What are you waiting for to buy your Magnetic EASSUN?

Product Details

Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Frame Material
146 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material
Type of Products
Ski/Snow Mask
Mask Width
17,5 cm
Mask Height
10 cm

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