Adult Ski/Snow Goggles Wolf EASSUN, Solar CAT 2 or 3 and Anti-Fogging, Shiny White Frame and Gold Lens

Adult Ski/Snow Goggles Wolf EASSUN, Solar CAT 2 or 3 and Anti-Fogging

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The Wolf EASSUN is a CAT 2 or 3 solar goggle with a double large cylindrical lens, providing more field of vision, and a ventilation system that interrupts the ingress of fog inside the mask. Their design makes them easy to attach to any helmet with the help of a clamp, maximising your wellbeing to the highest level. Ideal for all types of skiing and even snowboarding.   

Frame Colour
  • Shiny White
  • Shiny Black
Lens Colour
  • Golden
Lens Category


CAT 2 or 3 and anti-fog goggle for skiing or snowboarding

This accessory can use a category 2 or 3 solar shield, depending on the model selected.

At the same time, the design provides a full ventilation system to prevent the lenses from fogging up.

Taking into account all the particularities of this product, it is recommended for all adults who practise any skiing discipline or snowboarding.

CAT 2 or 3 goggles

There is a fully defined standard to establish a distribution of all solar lenses based on the degree of UV permeability.

In relation to the idea set out in the previous lines, this organisation is from 0 to 4. Also, this model can be of category 2 or 3, depending on the chosen combination.

As for the CAT 2 screens, their tint is rather light, making them ideal for cloudy days. On the other hand, CAT 3 have a dark tint, protecting your vision in situations where the weather is sunny.

Oversized anti-fog mask

The design manufactured for this article is distinguished by the inclusion of an innovative ventilation system with undeniable efficiency.

In this way, this accessory facilitates the achievement of a singularity that is highly sought after in products of this type, which is the impossibility of the formation of fog inside.

In addition, another special feature is the large size of the double cylindrical lens, which provides a wider field of vision and, at the same time, reinforces the safety of your eyes in the event of suffering an impact in this area.

Which of the two options do you like best?

The ski/snow goggle offers two different combinations:

  • WL-01: Glossy black frame, while the lens is fire red and cat. 2.
  • WL-03: The colours that decorate the frame and the CAT 3 shield are bright white and gold correspondingly.

Product features:

Check below for some details related to more technical aspects:

  • Its net weight is 135 grams.
  • Polyurethane and polycarbonate are the materials used to make the frame and the double lens respectively.

Design that optimises adjustment to any helmet

The inside of the strap contains silicone, while on the sides there are pieces that make it very easy to fit the accessory to the helmet, regardless of the helmet model, as it is completely attached to the helmet.

Wolf EASSUN: YOUR goggle

EASSUN has renewed their ski/snow goggles and helmets collection with the launch of several new models. One of these products is the Wolf EASSUN. It is undoubtedly an article that includes a large number of previously developed features, which enable the acquisition of superlative comfort. This is essential to be able to enjoy the snow with complete freedom, be it in any skiing speciality or directly with snowboarding. Apart from the exclusive functionality of this product, visually it stands out for its originality, as the chosen colours transmit an unquestionable sensation of vitality, adapting to the prevailing tastes of the moment. Look no further and equip yourself with your Wolf EASSUN; the mask made for you.

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Type of Lens/es
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Frame Material
135 gr.
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Ski/Snow Mask

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