Adult Ski/Snow Goggles Cortina EASSUN, CAT 2 Solar, Lightweight and Anti-Fogging , Red REVO Lens and Black Frame

Adult Ski/Snow Goggles Cortina EASSUN, CAT 2 Solar, Lightweight and Anti-Fogging

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The Cortina EASSUN goggle stands out due to the double sun visor of category 2, which allows an innovative ventilation system that prevents the appearance of fogging inside the goggle. In addition, the design stands out for the limited dimensions (small size), the flexibility and the narrow frame design for a lightweight accessory. It is recommended for all skiing disciplines and snowboarding. 

Lens Colour
  • Red REVO
  • Silver


Lightweight, anti-fog and CAT 2 solar goggle for skiing and snowboarding

The sun lens has a category 2 rating on all manufactured references.

This accessory is distinguished by its lightweight and ability to prevent the formation of fog inside the sun visor.

Ideal for any adult with a small face who skis or snowboards.

CAT 2 sun goggles

Solar lenses are currently classified according to their degree of UV permeability.

In this sense, this separation is broken down from 0 to 4, while in this case, this article corresponds to category 2.

What does this mean? Cat. 2 solar lenses have a rather light tint, accommodating situations where there is not too much brightness, such as on cloudy days, for example.

Lightweight and anti-fog goggle

The Cortina EASSUN transcends by providing two of the most desired singularities in this type of product: lightness and the hindrance to the appearance of fogging.

On the one hand, it is a light accessory, thanks to the measurements of the model, achieving a net weight of 130 grams.

On the other hand, the design implemented favours the constant ventilation of the screen to the point that it avoids fogging with a very high degree of efficiency.

Which colour do you prefer to go with the matte black frame?

This model is made in two different colour options, although both share the matte black print on the frames. Choose the combination that you like the most aesthetically:

  • NG-02: Red REVO.
  • NG-03: Silver.

Product features:

Find out some of the most important technical details in this article:

  • The materials used are polyurethane (frame) and polycarbonate (double lens).
  • It is a lightweight goggle, with a net weight of only 130 grams.

Very flexible model

Another interesting feature to mention is how easily the accessory can change shape or bend without breaking. This is due to the materials used in the manufacturing process, the adhesion of a very thin frame and the small size of the double lens.Cortina EASSUN; the best small goggle in the market. 

Cortina EASSUN; the best small goggle in the market

The launch of this model meets all the requirements for you to choose it when you want to equip yourself with a product of this type. Why? Here are some of the most obvious and important reasons. First of all, the sum of all the features it offers, which have already been explained in the previous lines, leads to a common result for all those who use it: unassailable comfort. Also, the size of this accessory is ideal for people with small faces who usually have a lot of difficulties to find this kind of products, at the same time, fit them completely. In short, the Cortina EASSUN is, without a doubt, one of the best opportunities of the year to enjoy the snow with the best possible view.

Product Details

Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Frame Material
130 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material
Type of Products
Ski/Snow Mask

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