Adult Ski/Snow Helmet Aran Logo EASSUN, Black and Green, Very Lightweight and Adjustable with Ventilation System

Adult Ski/Snow Helmet Aran Logo EASSUN, Very Lightweight and Adjustable with Ventilation System

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The Aran Logo EASSUN helmet is very light, because it is manufactured using In Mould technology, and adjustable, as its closure is millimetric. At the same time, its design features an efficient ventilation system, as there are several vents distributed over its surface, and a rear clip that holds masks. This item is centred for skiing or snowboarding.

  • Black and White
  • Black and Green
  • Black and Orange


Very light In Mould helmet with vents and a millimetric closure for skiing and snowboarding.

This model stands out for its lightness, since it is made from In Mould technology, which favours the achievement of this performance.

At the same time, it has a very efficient ventilation system, which will promote the achievement of supreme comfort.

This part allows for maximum product customisation, based on the specific dimensions of each person.

Very light In Mould helmet that optimises your safety

This article is very light compared to others of the same type.

This particularity is produced thanks to the In Mould technology, which is the one that has been used for its creation.

In this sense, the Aran Logo EASSUN has a net weight of only 448 grams. Despite this fact, it is a very safe model, fulfilling its main objective of protecting you in the most comfortable way possible.

Design with ventilation system and millimetric closing system

This product is made with a set of vents, which allow constant ventilation.

In addition, this type of closing mechanism makes it easier to adapt to the specific measurements of each face.

These two singularities reinforce the obtaining of a greater comfort, because they provide a better experience at the time of skiing.

Which one do you like best?

Take a look at the available combinations and select the composition and size that best suits your requirements and needs:

  • Matt black and white: M: 54 - 57 cm.
  • Matt black and white: L: 58 - 62 cm.
  • Matt black and orange: M: 54 - 57 cm.
  • Matt black and orange: L: 58 - 62 cm.
  • Matt black and green: M: 54 - 57 cm.
  • Matt black and green: L: 58 - 62 cm.

Product features

Please find below some technical information:

  • The net weight is 448 grams.
  • Its structure is made of PC and EPS material.

Built-in rear mask holder clip

This design has a clip located at the back. In this line, its function is based on holding any type of mask that is integrated.

Model approved by European Standard 1077

The Aran Logo EASSUN helmet strictly complies with all the sections included in this European regulation, so it is a fully approved product and, therefore, ready to be marketed.

Personalised helmet

This model is distinguished from the Aran Print EASSUN only by its visual design. In this case, the name of our brand appears on the front in small letters and also on the side in a more significant size. The shades used to colour the product complement each other in a very original way, resulting in three different but attractive combinations. At this point, your predilection for one or the other will simply depend on the one that best suits your stylistic taste. Also, the softness of the article, when touched, will give you extreme confidence, which will translate into greater security.

Product Details

Kind of Sport
448 gr.
EPS and PC
Type of Helmet
Ventilation System
Type of Products
Ski/Snow Helmet

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