Ridelight EASSUN Running T-Shirt, Blue, Short Sleeve, Very Breathable and Lightweight
Ridelight EASSUN Running T-Shirt, Blue, Short Sleeve, Very Breathable and Lightweight
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Ridelight EASSUN Running T-Shirt, Blue, Short Sleeve, Very Breathable and Lightweight
Ridelight EASSUN Running T-Shirt, Blue, Short Sleeve, Very Breathable and Lightweight

Ridelight EASSUN Running T-Shirt, Short Sleeve, Very Breathable and Lightweight

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The Ridelight EASSUN T-shirts stand out for being very breathable and lightweight. In addition, the design is exclusively short-sleeved. In this way, your comfort is optimized, enhancing the feeling that you are not wearing it while performing a certain physical effort. Ideal for all those who practice any running discipline.

  • Blue
  • Grey and Black


Lightweight and highly breathable short sleeve running t-shirt

This item is designed to be short-sleeved. At the same time, the particularities it brings together optimize that it is lightweight.

Also, the materials used in its manufacture allow sweat to penetrate through the fabric.

In this sense, this product is highly recommended for those athletes who practice any running discipline.

Highly breathable model

This peculiarity is one of the most interesting features for the achievement of an indisputable well-being.

In this line, the elements used, for the manufacture of the Ridelight EASSUN, favor that the sweat does not remain impregnated on its surface, so you will not get wet practically even if you are making a very high effort.

In addition, these properties make it easier for the item to dry much faster, both after washing and when you are using it, compared to other products of the same type.

Lightweight short sleeve T-shirt

The construction of this model features, only, a short sleeve design even though it can be found in different colors.

These components maximize its lightness when running regardless of the intensity of the activity.

This attribute is very necessary, since, in case of being a heavier item, the runner would be uncomfortable and, therefore, would not perform effectively.

Choose the design that best suits you

This item is produced in several sizes and in two models with different colors. In this regard, select your favorite and the one that best suits your body:

  • Blue S/M/L: The predominant shade is blue, although on the front the word EASSUN appears in white, while the back also uses this same chromatic range with the word Ridelight in vertical.
  • Grey and black S/M/XL: Following the same pattern as in the previous combination, the difference is that the front area is grey with black sleeves. Precisely, this color is the one that decorates the back completely.

Product features

Previously, check out the more technical details of the Ridelight EASSUN T-shirt:

  • The material manufactured for the creation of this design is polyester.

Running has never been so comfortable

Visually, this design stands out for its simplicity, yet without neglecting the fact that the end result is very attractive to any runner. In this sense, the two available combinations are formed by those most common colors, as seen in previous sections. On the other hand, its fine touch transmits a certain confidence in terms of comfort. This perception is confirmed once you put it on. Also, the most remarkable virtue of this product is the incomparable comfort you feel when wearing it, since, being very breathable and lightweight, there will come a point where you think you are not wearing it. Forget about going out to run with those thick and oppressive garments, don't hesitate to buy the Ridelight EASSUN T-shirts and enjoy running to the fullest!

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