Trail EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Breathable, Washable and Durable
Trail EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Breathable, Washable and Durable
Trail EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Breathable,...
Trail EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Breathable,...

Trail EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Breathable, Washable and Durable

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The Trail EASSUN long cycling gloves are breathable due to the stretch fabric of the upper part, durable and washable. Their design prevents chafing against the handlebars. Suitable for any type of cycling or mountain biking (MTB).

  • Black
  • Black and Red
  • Black and Blue


Breathable, washable and durable long cycling gloves

The design and materials used in the manufacture of these articles provide uninterrupted ventilation.

In addition, these accessories can be washed without causing any damage to the fabric. This translates into a longer time being able to enjoy its features to the fullest.

It is recommended for all those who practice any cycling discipline, including MTB or Mountain Bike.

Breathable gloves

Sweating generated on the hands during physical activity is one of the most annoying situations that should be alleviated with this type of product.

In this sense, this model is manufactured with a stretch fabric that enhances breathability.

The correct implementation of this singularity reinforces the achievement of incomparable comfort.

Washable and durable gloves

Given the utility of these items, they tend to get dirty on a regular basis, whether from sweat, mud or dust.

For this reason, it is essential that they can be washed without causing any damage.

Also, by offering this feature, it is also possible to reduce the deterioration of the model, extending its durability compared to other similar products.

Check out the available prints

The flexible and resistant Trail EASSUN gloves are currently available in three different combinations. Based on this information, check which composition best suits your style taste:

  • GC09261: Red and black.
  • GC09262: Black.
  • GC09264: Blue and black.

Product features

Please see below for more technical information on this model:

  • Lycra and amara are the materials used in their manufacture.

Design that optimises your comfort

The contact between the handlebars and the hand can cause chafing. Faced with this inconvenience, EASSUN has decided to introduce gel parts in the palm, solving this problem and, at the same time, allowing the acquisition of a unique wellbeing while doing any physical exercise.

Flexible and resistant gloves

The main objective of this type of accessory is to offer an excellent touch that transmits an unquestionable safety when using them. With this purpose in mind, EASSUN has developed a design characterised by the gel located in the palm area and the synthetic leather, which results in flexible and resistant gloves. Another special feature is the ability to operate any smartphone while wearing the gloves. The Trail EASSUN gloves are very similar to the Xtra Gel II gloves, although they are distinguished by their innovative print in line with the latest fashion trends. All in all, all these interesting peculiarities transcend into a completely effective product for riding in the most comfortable and beneficial way possible.

Product Details

Kind of Sport
68 gr.
Type of Gloves
Large Gloves

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