Running Sunglasses Fartlek EASSUN, Blue REVO and Solar CAT 3 Lens and Matt Black Frame

Fartlek EASSUN Running Sunglasses, Solar CAT 3, Adjustable and Lightweight

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The Fartlek EASSUN sunglasses feature a small peripheral, water-repellent and solar CAT 3 lens, a nosepiece that can be adapted to individual nose sizes and an innovative ventilation system: Airflow® Technology. The lack of spoiler above and below the attachment helps to make it a lightweight sunglass with a net weight of 27 grams. Ideal for any athlete practising any running discipline.

Frame Colour
  • Matte White
  • Shiny Black
  • Matte Black
Lens Colour
  • Blue REVO
  • Red REVO


CAT 3 sunglasses, lightweight and adjustable for running

This model is distinguished by its category 3 solar glass and the inclusion of a nose piece that can be adapted to the specific measurements of each subject.

In addition, this design enhances the construction of a product that is completely lightweight when worn.

The performance of this article is ideal for all those who practice any running discipline.

CAT 3 solar sunglasses

Currently, the solar lenses used for the subsequent production of these accessories are divided into different groups (from 0 to 4). This separation is governed by a criterion, which consists of the visible light absorption capacity of each lens.

In this case, this model has only category 3, i.e. they are capable of absorbing between 82 % and 91 % of the sun's rays.

Therefore, they are recommended for use in situations where light is very intense, including light reflecting off water or snow.

Maximum comfort adaptable nose bridge

This design stands out for the adjustable bridge located in the nose area, adapting to the specific size that each individual has.

In this sense, this ability means that they are anti-slip, since, in this way, they are better fixed to you.

In short, this singularity helps to obtain an unquestionable comfort, since it allows a total personalisation of the product.

Lightweight sunglasses with a single small lens

Lightness is an essential feature, because achieving it allows you to feel more comfortable and, consequently, to perform more efficiently.

For this reason, EASSUN has decided to manufacture this accessory from a lens with a reduced size and the absence of spoiler on the upper and lower part.

The final result embodies this idea, because it is a lightweight sunglass with a net weight of 27 grams.

Which combination do you choose?

This product has two totally opposite options, depending on your stylistic taste:

  • 03202: The red REVO lens accompanies the matt black frame.
  • 03203: Matt white decorates the frame, while the lens is silver.
  • 03204: The lens is REVO blue and the frame is matte black.
  • 03205: Shiny black and silver are the colour ranges chosen for the frame and lens respectively.

Product features

Check out the more technical aspects of this model:

  • On the one hand, Grilamid® is the material applied for the production of the frame.
  • On the other hand, the glass is water-repellent because it comes from polycarbonate.
  • The net weight of the sunglasses is 27 grams.

Small peripheral lens

The tiny magnitudes of the lens and its cylindrical shape provide a large field of vision without neglecting one of the main qualities of the article: its lightness.

Design with innovative built-in ventilation system

One of the most annoying problems that appear when doing any physical exercise is the sweat that forms inside the lens, as it can cause complete fogging of the glass. This makes it impossible for the athlete to see properly, to the point of having to stop exercising. In this context, EASSUN has developed Airflow® Technology, which, by means of holes attached to the lens, obstructs the creation of fogging, because its shape favours the constant evaporation of sweat. In terms of aesthetics, there are two contrasting colour compositions that are easy to match with current style trends, together with a third photochromic model with a very elegant frame print. You'll feel a special connection when you come into contact with this article, thanks to its fine feel, so don't hesitate any longer and go for the Fartlek EASSUN running glasses!

How do I remove my Fartlek EASSUN sunglasses correctly?

As we have seen before, the Fartlek EASSUN running and cycling sunglasses are distinguished by a innovating and attractive design in harmony with the new trends that predominate in the sector nowadays. In this sense, the lack of spoiler at the top and bottom is, without a doubt, one of its most characteristic aspects.

In relation to the information given in the previous paragraph, it is important to know how to remove or fit this model, as excessive lateral bending can damage the optics. For this reason, EASSUN recommends that it be removed from the face with both hands.

Now, check out the image provided of Scott Cala Bandida rider Francesc Guerra, in which he is shown fitting his sunglasses properly.


Product Details

Type of Glasses
Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Nose Bridge Adjustable
Ventilation System: Airflow® Technology
Frame Material
Grilamid TR-90
27 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material

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