Kids Ski/Snow Helmet Sioux EASSUN, Very Lightweight, Durable and Adjustable, Shiny Red

Kids Ski/Snow Helmet Sioux EASSUN, Very Lightweight, Durable and Adjustable

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The Sioux EASSUN helmet is very light, with a net weight of 559 grams, and adjustable, thanks to the rear adjuster. The design stands out for its toughness and features rigid earmuffs, a rear-located clip that holds any mask and a removable and washable inner liner. It is recommended for boys and girls who practice snowboarding and skiing, in particular, competition or freeride skiing. 

  • Matte Green
  • Matte White
  • Matte Blue
  • Shiny Red


Very light, durable and adjustable helmet for skiing and snowboarding

Two of the most important features, compared to other articles of the same type, are their lightness and strength.

At the same time, it is equipped with a piece, which makes it possible to adapt it to the specific dimensions of each face. 

Ideal for all kids to use for snowboarding or skiing, more specifically, the freeride or competition modality.

Very light and strong helmet with rigid ear muffs

One of the most attractive singularities of this accessory lies in the extreme lightness, since the net weight is only a 559 grams.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning its high resistance to impacts. At the same time, the earmuffs incorporated in this product are rigid.

All these aspects contribute to total safety, as these elements reinforce to the maximum the protection offered by the article in the event of an impact.

Model that enhances your fit

The purpose of this accessory is to allow a complete individualisation of the product by means of an exhaustive adaptation based on the measurements of each side.

In order to implement the above purpose, a rear regulatory mechanism is included to enable the acquisition of this unique feature.

All in all, these peculiarities contribute an important percentage to the achievement of an unquestionable well-being, one of the basic pillars of all EASSUN accessories.

Wide range of colours and sizes

The Sioux EASSUN is available in 4 different prints and 3 different sizes. Check them out and select the one you like best in the relevant size:

  • 01X: Shiny Red.
  • 01S: Shiny Red.
  • 01M: Shiny Red.
  • 04X: Matt blue.
  • 04S: Matt blue.
  • 04M: Matt blue.
  • 05X: Matt white.
  • 05S: Matt white.
  • 05M: Matt white.
  • 08X: Matt green.
  • 08S: Matt green.
  • 08M: Matt green.

Product features

Subsequently, it checks the most influential technical details in the production process:

  • ABS and EPS are two types of materials, which make up their structure.
  • It is a lightweight kids' ski helmet, because it weighs 559 grams.

Detachable and washable design with back mask holder clip

The inner lining manufactured in the production process of this article can be washed without causing any damage. In addition, it has a rear clip, which holds any mask that can be integrated.

Model approved by European Standard 1077

Undoubtedly, this article strictly complies with all sections defined in this EU-wide regulation. It can therefore be placed on the market without any problem.

Sioux EASSUN; the best ski helmet for racing or freeride

This model is similar to two of the most recognised models in the brand's collection: the Apache and Apache Racing EASSUN. In this sense, their design is derived from the accessories of this style, but specialised in competition or freeride skiing due to their shape, although focused on the kids' category. Likewise, the wide range of options you can choose from will certainly help you find one that perfectly complements the colours you are looking for. Also, its structure is made of ABS and EPS materials, maximizing your protection in case of any shock. Protect your head in the most efficient way without leaving your aesthetic image aside!

Product Details

Kind of Sport
559 gr.
Type of Helmet
Ventilation System
Type of Products
Ski/Snow Helmet

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