EASSUN MTB cycling shoes have been manufactured following a very strict criterion with the main objective of achieving an unquestionable comfort when using them during any cycling outing. This guideline is governed by certain technical characteristics. The first is that they are adjustable, as these designs make it possible to adapt the product to the specific dimensions of each foot. In addition, they are ventilated, i.e., these models have an exclusive ventilation system, which is produced thanks to holes distributed along the sides. Likewise, they are also slip-resistant, since the sole used in these articles facilitates the achievement of this particularity.

Next, it consults those more transcendental details of the MTB cycling shoes EASSUN that are available in our shop. 

MTB Cycling Shoes 020 EASSUN, Adjustable and Anti-slip with Lateral Ventilation

The 020 EASSUN shoes are: adjustable, due to their wide last, non-slip, due to the features of their sole. In addition, they have a lateral ventilation and have been made of synthetic leather, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial. Likewise, their design allows them to be fastened with Velcro, increasing their capacity to adapt to the measurements of your foot. Ideal for beginners in Mountain Bike or MTB and e-Bike, although without the use of cleats. This set of features will optimise your comfort to superlative levels.

Zapatillas de Ciclismo MTB 020 EASSUN

MTB Cycling Shoes 220 EASSUN, Adjustable and Anti-slip with Lateral Ventilation

The 220 EASSUN shoes stand out for being: adjustable, thanks to their millimetric closure, and non-slip, through the heel part of the sole. In addition, the model includes small holes that generate lateral ventilation. The material used for their manufacture is synthetic leather, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial. Ideal for those who compete in Mountain Bike (MTB). In this sense, different professional teams of this speciality use them.

Zapatillas de Ciclismo MTB 220 EASSUN

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