Comfort is an essential quality for a quality product. For this, there are several aspects that affect whether or not it is achieved. In this sense, in the case of cycling glasses, lightness and their ability to obstruct lens fogging are two features that help to achieve this sought-after comfort.

The Giant EASSUN cycling glasses are light because their net weight is only 33 grams, despite having a large cylindrical sunglass lens. At the same time, its design makes it anti-fogging, as it uses Airflow® technology, which is a ventilation system that prevents fogging of the lens.

This model also has three different chromatic options, both in the frame and in the tint of the glass, which in all cases is category 2 sunglasses:

  • 38100: The frame is matte black, while the lens is mirror red.


  • 38101: This product is completely grey, although the lens is a smokier shade.


  • 38103: The mirror red of the lens is accompanied by the white frame with a touch of black at certain points on the surface.


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