MTB (Mountain Bike) helmets are essential for the safety and comfort of any biker. In this sense, these functions have been enhanced through the constant evolutions implemented in the designs over the last few years. Nowadays, this type of product can offer a wide variety of features, which aim to optimise the rider's performance on their bike to the maximum. Also, MTB (Mountain Bike) needs to meet certain requirements that are different from those of other cycling modalities. That is why EASSUN has manufactured a model that is exclusively adapted to all these specific characteristics of this discipline. The final result is the new EASSUN Bonaigua MTB helmet.

Casco Bonaigua MTB EASSUN Ciclismo Ligero Negro Blanco

Here are all the most significant features of the Bonaigua EASSUN lightweight MTB helmet:

  • This accessory has an additional visor.
  • The models can be decorated with a black or white print.
  • The net weight is only 257 grams, making it a lightweight MTB helmet.
  • The design is based on in-mould technology, which makes it more resistant.
  • It uses an innovative ventilation system with 16 hexagonal vents distributed over its entire surface.
  • It’s deal use is for MTB (Mountain Bike), but it can also be used for other cycling specialities.

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