EASSUN continues to work to expand its collection of products following a very marked criterion that seeks the maximum specialisation of the articles so the athletes can be very comfortable and, consequently, their performance is the most effective possible. In this sense, one of the brand's most recognised accessories in the market are sports sunglasses. Within this distinction, the latest launch for this season has been the Sprint EASSUN sunglasses, the new 2021 running sunglasses.

As mentioned in the previous lines, the brand's constant search for innovation is an unquestionable fact, taking into account the latest designs used, which incorporate different singularities that enhance performance to superlative levels. On the other hand, aesthetically, all models are completely in line with the prevailing taste of the moment, without making any distinction between men and women, as they are available for everyone. As to this latest product presented by EASSUN, it is a lightweight sunglass designed for all types of running, with panoramic, non-slip, water-repellant and anti-fogging lenses, thanks to its Airflow technology, and a nosepiece adaptable to the exclusive dimensions of each individual's nose.

Sprint EASSUN Running Sunglasses Anti-Fog Lightweight Water Repellent

Then, is a more detailed breakdown of all the special features that distinguish this latest launch for the 2021 season: the Sprint EASSUN running sunglasses:

  • Cylindrical CAT 3 solar lens, ideal for situations in extremely sunny environments.
  • Greater panoramic vision that provides a field of vision superior to other articles of the same type.
  • Adaptable nosepiece, a piece capable of adapting to the individual characteristics of each subject.
  • Airflow technology that enables an anti-fogging ventilation system, it prevents the lens from fogging up.
  • Non-slip frame with completely water-repellent lens.
  • 3 different models, both in terms of the colour of the lenses and the print of the frames.
  • It is recommended for any running discipline, as it is a lightweight sunglass with a net weight of only 26 grams.

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