The cycling gloves available on the market today offer a wide range of different features in order to customize their function to the maximum, depending on the discipline practiced or the needs sought by each person. In this sense, the exclusivity of each design, together with their respective particularities, enhances the performance of each individual, since the implementation of the singularities, according to the modality of cycling (MTB, road cycling, etc.), allows the subjects to feel as comfortable as possible when carrying out their outings.

In addition, with the priority of achieving superlative comfort, EASSUN has manufactured the ; short, elastic and lightweight road cycling gloves made from a special lycra.

Bodegón Guantes Ciclismo Carretera Cortos Aero EASSUN Elásticos, Ligeros, Cómodos y Antideslizantes

Next, know the most relevant details of this model, which is elaborated in 4 different combinations and has been recently presented by the brand:

  • The lycra used allows these items to be elastic and, in turn, lightweight.
  • Very breathable designs due to their constant ventilation.
  • Adjustable, thanks to their laser cut and the absence of hems.
  • Short gloves, but covering up to the wrist.
  • Non-slip, due to their exclusive coupling.
  • Palm pad to avoid rubbing against the handlebars.
  • Ideal for road cycling, although they are also useful for MTB (Mountain Bike).

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