The practice of cycling and running has undergone a notorious increase in our society over the last year. Nowadays, many athletes combine their training with both activities in order to optimise their physical preparation to the maximum. In this sense, it is very important to equip yourself with quality accessories that have the necessary features to provide superlative comfort to the athlete and, consequently, enhance their performance while using them.

With this in mind, EASSUN offers a wide range of sports eyewear. Each model is designed with the aim of adapting to the exclusive demands of each sport, although there are certain designs that are suitable for both cycling and running. These can have photochromic or solar lenses, depending on the combination chosen.

Then, the 3 best glasses for cycling and running that you can find in the EASSUN collection are specified: the Veleta, Challenge and Monster. These products share many features, but each one has its own peculiarities that differentiate it from the rest, so find out more about the details offered by each one to acquire the one that best suits your requirements and stylistic tastes.

EASSUN Veleta Cycling and Running Sunglasses, Solar CAT 2 or 3, Adjustable with Ventilation System:

    • Large peripheral and solar CAT 2 or 3 lens, depending on the selected reference.
    • Adaptable nosepiece, which adjusts to the size of each nose.
    • Airflow® technology that generates an anti-fog ventilation system, obstructing the fogging of the glass.
    • No spoiler is included on the upper and lower part of the frame.
    • Lightweight spectacle with a net weight of only 32 grams.
    • Available in 5 compositions.
    • Suitable for cycling, MTB (Mountain Bike) and running.

Gafas de Ciclismo y Running Veleta EASSUN Ligeras Antivaho

EASSUN Challenge Cycling and Running Sunglasses, CAT 3, Anti-slip and Adaptable: :

    • Unique large CAT 3 sun lens.
    • Adaptable nosepiece that adapts to the size of each nose.
    • Anti-fogging glass, which prevents fogging.
    • Non-slip model for extreme comfort.
    • Very light glasses, because their net weight is 26 grams.
    • 4 colour options to choose from.
    • Recommended for cycling, MTB (Mountain Bike) and running.

Gafas de Ciclismo y Running Challenge EASSUN Solares CAT 3, Antivaho, Ligeras

Monster EASSUN Cycling and Running Glasses, Photochromic with Ventilation System:

    • Two photochromic lenses, which darken more or less, depending on the intensity of the sun's rays.
    • Airflow® Technology to drive an anti-fog ventilation system.
    • Futuristic design.
    • Very light 24 grams.
    • 4 frames decorated with different shades.
    • Great versatility, as they can be used for cycling, MTB (Mountain Bike) and running.

Gafas de Ciclismo y Running Monster EASSUN Fotocromáticas, Ligeras, Antivaho

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