One of the essential accessories to ensure the safety of any rider is the helmet. In this sense, all types of cycling demand different features to obtain unquestionable protection, so it is essential to equip yourself correctly with a design that guarantees these singularities and, at the same time, makes it possible to acquire superlative comfort.

With the above idea in mind, we provide you a list of the best cycling helmets 2022 depending on the discipline you practice: Mountain Bike (MTB), Road Cycling, Enduro or Gravel. Don't miss it and check the most outstanding features of each model.

Gran Fondo EASSUN Cycling Helmet, Light and Ventilated:

  • Ventilated and aerodynamic helmet, due to the adhesion of several holes distributed over its entire surface.
  • It is a lightweight product, with a net weight of only 222 grams.
  • Use of in-mould technology; a technique that enables greater uniformity of the materials used in the creation of the article.
  • Road and gravel bike helmet available in black, white or grey, in sizes S-M (55-58 cm) or L-XL (58-61 cm).Cycling_Helmet_MTB_Gran_Fond_EASSUN_2022

Enduro MTB Tuca EASSUN Helmet with Visor, Ultra-Light-Weight and Ventilated:

  • Innovative ventilation system thanks to the shape of the holes, which are hexagonal and not circular like other products of the same type.
  • This model offers the option of adding a visor in the upper area to optimise your protection.
  • In-mould technology used in the production of the article.
  • The materials used are polystyrene and polycarbonate, providing a very resistant finish.
  • It is recommended for those who do Enduro.
  • Black, white and grey are available in sizes S-M (55-58 cm) or L-XL (58-61 cm).Cycling_Helmet_MTB_Tuca_EASSUN_2022

MTB Bonaigua EASSUN Helmet, with Visor, Ultra-Light-Weight and Ventilated:

  • Revolutionary ventilation system, because it has 16 hexagonal aerations that allow air to pass through more easily.
  • Lightness is one of its most important peculiarities, with a net weight of 257 grams.
  • Each rider with this model can choose when to use the visor, which is also included.
  • This design is designed to withstand impact, as its construction is based on polycarbonate and polystyrene.
  • Suitable for Mountain Bike (MTB).
  • Sizes are reduced to S-M (55-58 cm) or L-XL (58-61 cm) and combinations in: black, white, brown or blue.Cycling_Helmet_MTB_Bonaigua_EASSUN_2022.

Cycling Marmolada II EASSUN Helmet, Ultra-Light-Weight, Ventilated and Low-Volume:

  • Small dimensions volume that favours a constant ventilation of the article together with the 22 vents located all over its surface.
  • Very light with a net weight of only 211 grams.
  • Exclusive design technique: in-mould technology.
  • High impact resistance by manufacturing the product from polycarbonate and polystyrene.
  • Very versatile model, because it can be used for road cycling or Mountain Bike (MTB).
  • Up to 8 different options in two sizes: S-M (55-58 cm) and L-XL (58-61 cm).Cycling_Helmet_MTB_MarmoladaII_EASSUN_2022

Which of the best 2022 cycling helmets shown above perfectly matches your requirements: Gran Fondo, Tuca, Bonaigua or Marmolada II EASSUN?

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