Today's cycling glasses are very varied, as they can be solar, photochromic or polarised, depending on the type of lens used in the manufacture of each model. Also, this constant evolution has resulted in a better specialisation of the product, always taking into account the demands of cyclists in each discipline such as MTB or Mountain Bike, road cycling, etc. This incessant change has been taking place over the last few years. In this sense, this progress has come about thanks to the implementation of innovative features such as the use of Airflow Technology, an anti-fog ventilation system, or the notorious lightness of the articles. All this positive growth has resulted in the development of accessories that optimise rider comfort to an undeniable level.

In this context, EASSUN intends to continue offering the highest quality in all its products, while continuing to focus on innovative designs in line with the latest stylistic trends. Based on this idea, one of the brand's launches so far in 2021 has been the Paradiso EASSUN. This model has a single large lens, which has three different colour combinations, both in its frames and its sun lenses, and another one with photochromic lenses only.

Gafas de Ciclismo Solares CAT 2 Fotocromáticas, Ligeras, Paradiso EASSUN

Here are all the most important details and features of the la Paradiso EASSUN. Undoubtedly one of the best cycling glasses of 2021:

  • Large CAT 2 solar or CAT 1-2 photochromic lens.
  • Adaptable nosepiece that adjusts to the unique dimensions of each nose.
  • Lightweight glasses with a net weight of only 37 grams.
  • Ventilation system that allows it to be an anti-fogging lens through the adhesion of holes in the frame.
  • Recommended for both road cycling and MTB (Mountain Bike).

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