Lightness is one of the characteristics that all runners are looking for in products of this type. In this sense, the X-Light Sport EASSUN are the lightest running glasses in the world, weighing only 15 grams. This makes it possible to achieve undeniable comfort, as the fact that they weigh so little means that you feel as if you are not wearing anything at all.

In addition, these sports sunglasses offer many more features that make it easier for you to see as much as possible when running. These special features have been implemented with the most demanding needs of the sport in mind.

Find out all the details of the X-Light Sport EASSUN below:

This item is composed of a small, water-repellent and anti-fog solar lens with extra clarity, which can be CAT 2 or 3, depending on the selected model. In addition, there is also an interchangeable clear lens. Their design makes them flexible and ultra-lightweight with a net weight of only 15 grams, making them the lightest running glasses in the world.

X-Light Sport, la Gafa de Running Más Ligera del Mundo

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