Long gloves are an essential accessory for anyone who practices any cycling discipline, including mountain biking (MTB). In this sense, these products provide a series of essential advantages for achieving superlative comfort when using them. One example would be the safety they offer, since, in the event of a fall, they prevent possible hand injuries. In addition, there is a wide range of such articles, which can boast a wide variety of interesting features.

Long cycling gloves Xtra Gel II EASSUN, breathable, washable and long-lasting

Next, we will proceed to analyse the Xtra Gel II EASSUN. A new version of the previous model, the Xtra Gel EASSUN. First of all, its design has been renewed, with the inclusion of the complementary colour to black, depending on the reference in question, located in the zip area. In addition, an elastic fabric has been used to enhance breathability. At the same time, the washable design allows the product to last longer. The gel inserts on the palm of the handprevent chafing when in contact with the handlebars. Below, check out the different combinations you can find:

Guantes de Ciclismo Largos Muy Cómodos Duraderos Lavables Transpirables Negro Rojo Azul Amarillo Flúor Blanco.png

  • GC09231: Black and Red.
  • GC09232: Black.
  • GC09233: Black and Fluor Yellow.
  • GC09234: Black and blue.
  • GC09235: Black and White.

Taking into account all the demands that any cyclist may have, the Xtra Gel II EASSUN is a very complete model, as they are long, breathable, washable and durable cycling gloves. Thanks to all the features they offer, they are ideal for MTB (mountain biking) as well as for any other type of cycling, because they are very comfortable gloves.

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