Frozen Polar EASSUN, Long Cycling Gloves, Windstopper and Anti-slip, White and Black
Frozen Polar EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Windstopper and Anti-slip
Frozen Polar EASSUN, Long Cycling Gloves, Windstopper and Anti-slip, White and Black
Frozen Polar EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Windstopper and Anti-slip

Frozen Polar EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Windstopper and Anti-slip

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The Frozen Polar EASSUN long cycling gloves are windstopper, due to the implemented technology your hands will remain at a comfortable temperature, and anti-slip, due to the design applied on the palm. The neoprene allows a better adaptation of the accessory to the exclusive properties of each subject. It is recommended for any cycling speciality: Mountain Bike (MTB), Gravel, Road Cycling, etc.

  • Black and White
  • Grey and Black
  • Black and Blue


Long windstopper and anti-slip cycling gloves

These items employ windstopper technology, which blocks the impact of all types of winds in the hand area.

In addition, the design is designed to enhance the grip of any object through the palm part, despite the fact that it does not include gel.

All the most significant features of this accessory are focused on meeting the requirements of anyone who practices any cycling discipline such as MTB (Mountain Bike) or Gravel.

Windstopper gloves

This model has an innovative mechanism in its design called windstopper, which performs a windbreak function.

What is this advantage? The wind does not pass through the protective membrane, keeping your fingers warm for a longer period of time.

This peculiarity also provides extreme breathability, as it allows sweat vapour to escape, so that you can continue to enjoy your activity without any discomfort of this kind.

Anti-slip gloves

One of the most interesting properties is its ability to reduce the slippage of a given object on its surface.

¿How? The design makes it possible to offer this singularity without the need to incorporate gel in the palm part of the hand.

This results in a marked absorption of the impacts suffered and, at the same time, a considerable reduction of the so-called vibration effect.

Three different models available

Frozen Polar EASSUN can be broken down into three different shades, so choose the one you like best:

  • GC09252: Grey.
  • GC09254: Black and dark blue.
  • GC09255: Black and white.

Product features

Check out some of the more technical aspects below:

  • Amara and neoprene are the materials selected for the creation of this article.

Neoprene design for optimised comfort

This model is distinguished by the inclusion of this type of material, which allows the closure to be completely adjusted to the specific dimensions of each hand. In this way, you can achieve immeasurable comfort compared to other items of the same type.

Multi-purpose cycling gloves

The cold is undoubtedly one of the main problems that hands can suffer at certain times of the year. For this reason, EASSUN has opted for the development of a windstopper model with the purpose of protecting this area from the wind and low temperatures without neglecting its primary function: to protect. Their cosy feel increases the feeling of comfort when wearing them, resulting in a more efficient performance. Thanks to the wide variety of attributes provided by this design, it can be used for any type of cycling such as Mountain Biking (MTB), Gravel or Road Cycling. In short, don't think twice and go for our Frozen Polar EASSUN gloves, you won't regret it!

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Kind of Sport
80 gr.
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Large Gloves

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