Adult Ski/Snow Helmet Powder EASSUN, Black and Green, Very Light and Durable with Ventilation System
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Adult Ski/Snow Helmet Powder EASSUN, Black and Green, Very Light and Durable with Ventilation System

Adult Ski/Snow Helmet Powder EASSUN, Very Light and Durable with Ventilation System

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The Powder EASSUN helmet is very light, because it is made from In Mould technology, and resistant, as the upper shell has a higher density in order to reduce the force of the impact. Its design features semi-rigid ear muffs, integrated ventilation system, rear mask holder clip and clip closure adjustable to your specific dimensions, contributing to the acquisition of unquestionable comfort. This is a product focused on skiing and snowboarding.



Very light, resistant and homologated In Mould helmet with semi-rigid earmuffs and vents for skiing and snowboarding.

This product is manufactured in such a way that it is very light, without neglecting its ability to withstand any impact.

It also has semi-rigid earmuffs and a set of vents distributed along the upper part.

In this sense, this article is made under the conditions set out in European Standard 1077 and its use is exclusive for skiing or snowboarding.

Very light, safe and resistant In Mould helmet

The Powder EASSUN stands out for its lightness, a singularity that is very important to provide you with superlative comfort. This is due to its manufacture based on In Mould technology.

Another interesting peculiarity is its resistance to all kinds of blows that may occur, allowing a totally effective protection, since its upper cove has a higher density just in the area of collision.

In this way, you will be prepared to enjoy to the maximum due to all the features offered by this model.

Semi-rigid ear cup design with built-in ventilation system

The earmuffs used have a subtle stiffness with the main purpose of ensuring efficient protection without making you uncomfortable, as they adapt better to you.

In addition, the large number of vents distributed over the entire surface of the upper band allows for constant ventilation.

These features completely reinforce your safety and well-being, two essential aspects for any article of this type.

Discover the available combinations

Find out more about the chromatic ranges selected to decorate this model and choose the size that is exclusively adapted to your measurements:

  • Matt green: M: 53 - 56 cm.
  • Matt green: L: 57 - 60 cm.
  • Matt brown: M: 53 - 56 cm.
  • Matt brown: L: 57 - 60 cm.
  • Matt white: M: 53 - 56 cm.
  • Matt white: L: 57 - 60 cm.
  • Matt blue: M: 53 - 56 cm.
  • Matt blue: L: 57 - 60 cm.
  • Matt black: M: 53 - 56 cm.
  • Matt black: L: 57 - 60 cm.
  • Matt black and green: M: 53 - 56 cm.
  • Matt black and green: L: 57 - 60 cm.

Product features

See below for more technical details:

  • The helmet structure is divided into two pieces of EPS coated with PC.
  • The net weight is 492 grams.
  • The upper shell, one of the two parts mentioned above, has a higher density to optimise its resistance in case of impact.

Rear mask clamp and adjustable clip closure

This design features a rear-mounted clip, which has the function of holding any mask. In addition, the closure used in this model is a clip fastener, so you can adjust and customize it to your measurements without any problem.

Model approved by European Standard 1077

This helmet meets all the requirements of this European regulation. The correct compliance with this regulation allows the marketing of the article in question.

Powder EASSUN, synonymous with total comfort

Undoubtedly, this model is the brand's maximum exponent for enjoying the snow in safety. On the one hand, technically, it concentrates a large number of indispensable features when it comes to achieving incomparable comfort. Lightweight, adjustable and innovative are some of the most significant features. On the other hand, at first glance, the colours used are superb, conveying a sense of elegance and quality. In addition, its smooth feel reinforces this unique bond that is formed when you come into contact with the product. This bond will help you to enjoy intense snow days with the maximum possible well-being.

Product Details

Kind of Sport
492 gr.
EPS and PC
Type of Helmet
Ventilation System
Type of Products
Ski/Snow Helmet

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