Mountain Bike or MTB is one of the most popular cycling disciplines today. This modality is also still booming, as the number of people taking part in it is increasing considerably, with no distinction in terms of sex or age.

That said, like every speciality, it has certain specific characteristics that set it apart. These unique requirements translate into the importance of equipping yourself with the best MTB accessories, in other words, those products that optimise your comfort and, at the same time, adapt to you. As it is a sport with a certain amount of risk, it is essential to protect all the most fragile areas of your body when you get on a bike.

Below, we inform you about the different types of articles you should use, along with the best options currently available on the market for each case.

Cycling glasses

The first point to note is that there is a differentiation within this category: photochromic glasses and sunglasses. This separation is defined by the type of lens that each article has. In this sense, photochromic glasses are those lenses that are able to darken or become transparent depending on the intensity of the light at any given moment. On the other hand, solar lenses are classified from 0 to 4 depending on their visible light absorption capacity, but, unlike photochromic lenses, the lens remains the same colour.

Once this basic distinction has been explained, it is necessary to know which are the most sought-after singularities when deciding whether to purchase a product or not. In relation to this idea, the use of adaptable nosepieces, anti-fogging lenses (they make fogging impossible) and very light weight finishes stand out. Take a look at some of the most important models of photochromic and solar cycling glasses.

Photochromic glasses

1) Cycling Sunglasses Paradiso EASSUN, Photochromic, Anti-Slip and Adjustable with Ventilation System

Paradiso EASSUN sunglasses make the difference for their big photochromic lens, being water repellent, adaptable nose bridge and their ventilation system against stem. Belonging to CAT 1-2 and weighting 37 grams, they are ideal for cycling.

2) Cycling Sunglasses Giant EASSUN, Photochromic, Anti-slip and Adjustable with Ventilation System

Giant EASSUN sunglasses only have one photochromic, cylindric and anti-slip big lens. They also have an adaptable nose bridge which can perfectly fit to all noses. Their design has an Airflow® technology which avoids steam. Their use is recommended for cycling.

3) Cycling Sunglasses Mortirolo EASSUN, Photochromic, Anti-slip and Adjustable

Mortirolo EASSUN lenses are made by an exclusive photochromic lens, water repellent, anti-slip, with an adaptable nose bridge and without upper spoiler. Made for road cycling because of their anti-fog system and maximum comfort.

Photochromic Cycling Glasses Paradiso EASSUN


1) Cycling Sunglasses Paradiso EASSUN, CAT 2 or 3 Solar Lens, Anti-slip and Adjustable with Ventilation System

Paradiso EASSUN sunglasses are different by the big lens. Water repellent and CAT 2 or 3 solar lens (depending on the chosen glass), adaptable nose bridge to all singularities and its innovative anti-fog ventilation system through its perfect adaptation because of the frame. Ideal for cycling of only 37 grams.

2) Cycling Sunglasses Veleta EASSUN, CAT 2 or 3 Solar Lens, Adjustable with Ventilation System

EASSUN Veleta glasses stand out for their large peripheral lens, which is water-repellent and can be CAT 2 or 3 solar, depending on the model, their nosepiece adaptable to the specific size of the nose of each individual and their anti-fogging ventilation system that prevents fogging of the glass. The lack of spoiler, in certain points, makes it a very light glasses, because their net weight is only 32 grams. Suitable for all cyclists.

3) Fartlek EASSUN Running Sunglasses, Solar CAT 3, Adjustable and Lightweight

The Fartlek EASSUN goggle features a small peripheral, water-repellent and solar CAT 3 lens, a nosepiece that adapts to the individualized dimensions of each nose and an innovative built-in ventilation system: Airflow® Technology. The lack of spoiler above and below the attachment helps to make it a lightweight sunglass with a net weight of 27 grams. Ideal for any athlete practising any running discipline.

Paradiso EASSUN CAT 3 Solar Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling helmets

Each type of cycling has their own peculiarities and, in the case of MTB, you can find several models that are completely adapted to your needs, although with different designs. Despite the obvious visual differences, such as the inclusion or not of a visor, their qualities are similar, since they are ventilated and very light helmets thanks to the integrated in-Mould technology. Following on from the above, check out some of the most popular helmets in the sector.

1) Gran Fondo EASSUN Cycling Helmet, Light and Ventilated

The Gran Fondo EASSUN helmet stands out for its light weight, because its net weight is only 222 grams. Its design with in-Mould technology favours a reduced volume, while its ventilation system provides excellent aerodynamics through its various vents distributed throughout its surface. Recommended for road and gravel cycling.

2) Cycling Marmolada II EASSUN Helmet, Ultra-Light-Weight, Ventilated and Low-Volume

Marmolada II EASSUN helmet is ultra-light-weight and it only weights 211 grams. Its in-mould technology design helps to achieve a low volume, while it counts with a ventilation system to aid 22 vents inside the helmet. Its use is for cycling, including road and Mountain Bike (MTB) modality.

3) MTB Bonaigua EASSUN Helmet, with Visor, Ultra-Light-Weight and Ventilated

MTB Bonaigua EASSUN helmet stands out for its only 116 grams. Its design is based in in-mould technology with a revolutionary ventilation system of 16 hexagonal airs distributed on all the helmet. Ideal for cycling, specially Mountain Bike.

Bonaigua Marmolada II Gran Fondo Tuca EASSUN Cycling Helmet

Cycling gloves

In reference to this category, it is relevant to separate into two major subgroups: short and long gloves. From this obvious disparity, it is worth mentioning that all these articles allow a great variety of facilities when using them. Some of the most interesting features are: their ability to be adjustable, their breathability or the application of windstopper technology. The names of the most popular short and long cycling gloves are listed below.

1) Trail EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Breathable, Washable and Durable

The Trail EASSUN long cycling gloves are breathable due to the stretch fabric of the upper part, durable and washable. Their design prevents chafing against the handlebars. Suitable for any type of cycling or mountain biking (MTB).

2) Frozen Polar EASSUN Long Cycling Gloves, Windstopper and Anti-slip

The Frozen Polar EASSUN long cycling gloves are windstopper, due to the implemented technology your hands will remain at a comfortable temperature, and anti-slip, due to the design applied on the palm. The neoprene allows a better adaptation of the accessory to the exclusive properties of each subject. It is recommended for any cycling speciality: Mountain Bike (MTB), Gravel, Road Cycling, etc.

3) Sport Gel G10 EASSUN Short Gloves for MTB Cycling, Breathable and Adjustable

Short Gloves Sport Gel 10 EASSUN stand out for being breathable on the upper part. They are adjustable because of is open and close elastic rubber band, which perfectly fits to your hand. Moreover, the design avoids chafing due to the handlebars. Ideal for cycling and Mountain Bike (MTB).

4) Aero EASSUN Short Cycling Gloves, Elastic, Breathable and Adjustable

Aero EASSUN short cycling gloves stand out for being elastic because of the lycra used, adjustable and breathable. Their design incorporates a padding cushion which covers until your wrist. Ideal for men and women who road cycle and for other modalities, such as MTB (Mountain Bike).

Aero Long Short Cycling Gloves EASSUN

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