Running Sunglasses Marathon EASSUN with Silver Mirrored and CAT 3 Lens with Silver Frames

Running Sunglasses Marathon EASSUN, CAT 3 Solar Lens, Adjustable and Lightweight with Ventilation System

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The Marathon sunglasses stand out for the reduced size of its peripheral lens, water repellent and solar category 3, its anti-fog ventilation system known as Airflow® Technology and its nosepiece adaptable to the characteristics offered by each nose. The lack of spoiler above and below, together with the rest of the established design, results in a very light sunglass with a net weight of only 24 grams. It is recommended for all those who practice any type of running. 

Frame Colour
  • Silver
Lens Colour
  • Red REVO
  • Silver


Lightweight, anti-fog and adjustable sunglasses with CAT 3 solar lens for running

This accessory stands out for: their category 3 solar lens and the design used, which makes it possible to obtain a totally lightweight article.

At the same time, the adaptable nosepiece allows the product to be customised to the specific measurements of each individual, while the ventilation system prevents the formation of mist inside.

In short, the sum of all these singularities results in a model that is ideal for all those who practise any type of running.

CAT 3 solar lens

Currently, solar lens, manufactured for the subsequent production of such articles, is organised into groups (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) on the basis of their visible light absorption capacity.

As far as this model is concerned, it is a category 3 lens. This means that they are capable of absorbing between 82 % and 91 % of the sun's existing rays.

Ideal for environments where there is very intense light, including light reflecting off snow or water.

Adaptable nosepiece for maximum comfort

This accessory stands out for the adjustable bridge located in the nose area, adapting to the unique dimensions of each individual.

Another particularity, as a consequence of the use of this part, is that the model is better fixed to the face (anti-slip).

Therefore, the acquisition of immeasurable well-being will not be a problem when equipping yourself with this product.

Lightweight sunglasses with small lens and water repellency

The construction of this design is distinguished by the lack of spoilers at the top and bottom and, above all, by the inclusion of a single pane of reduced dimensions, which makes it possible to achieve a model with many peculiarities that are essential for any running discipline.

This type of lens is also capable of sliding water droplets that fall on its surface without being absorbed and causing vision problems.

One of these advantages is that the Marathon EASSUN running sunglasses is lightweight, with a net weight of only 24 grams.

Innovative ventilation system

When carrying out any physical activity, one of the most annoying situations that occurs with the use of these articles is the appearance of sweat inside them.

This can cause total fogging of the lens, making it impossible for the athlete to see, to the point where he/she has to stop exercising.

Taking into account all of the above, EASSUN has implemented Airflow® Technology in a new way, as holes are added to the lens in order to favour the constant evaporation of sweat in a more efficient way.

Product features

Read more technical details in this article:

  • The material used to make the frame is called Grilamid® and the water-repellent lens is polycarbonate.
  • The sunglasses are light, because their net weight is 24 grams.

Red or silver lens?

Check out the two compositions available depending on your preferences:

  • 04500: The silver frame matches the red REVO lens.
  • 04501: The silver mirrored lens accompanies the silver frame.

Running sunglasses with small peripheral lens

This accessory stands out for their design, both visually and functionally. The first relevant aspect is the adhesion of only one lens of a small magnitude, which, in addition, has a cylindrical shape that widens its field of vision in comparison to other styles of lenses. Aesthetically, the brand's decision not to incorporate a spoiler at the top or bottom gives a futuristic feel to the finish, fully in keeping with the stylistic demands of today's market. This perception is reinforced by the fine touch it gives when it comes into contact with your face, which means that the athlete does not notice its presence despite wearing it. In short, the Marathon EASSUN running sunglasses fully meet the needs of all those runners who are looking for a smaller product, but still have the most important features that boost their performance to the maximum. Don't think twice and write your own story with your Marathon EASSUN!

Product Details

Type of Glasses
Type of Lens/es
Kind of Sport
Nose Bridge Adjustable
Ventilation System: Airflow® Technology
Frame Material
Grilamid TR-90
24 gr.
Lens Category
Lens/es Material

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