EASSUN presents the new products that will be launched in this last section of the 2021 season. The brand is always looking to renew and update its features to meet the needs of consumers, both functionally and aesthetically. For this reason, new products or variants of the current models are introduced every season, at the same time adapting to the ever-changing trends. In the context of this idea, the first accessory to be highlighted is the Fartlek EASSUN running glasses. Here are some of the key features of the Fartlek EASSUN:

The Fartlek EASSUN running sunglasses are characterised by their small peripheral, water-repellent and solar CAT 3 or photochromic lenses, their nose that can be adjusted to the individual dimensions of each nose and their built-in innovative ventilation system: the Airflow® Technology. The absence of spoilers on the top and bottom of the accessory helps make the glasses a lightweight with a net weight of 27 grams. Ideal for any athlete practising any running discipline.


The latest introduction is the Sprint EASSUN running sunglasses with photochromic lenses. In this sense, this item was already available, but only with a sun lens. In this way, EASSUN makes it easier for each runner to choose the type of lens, depending on the specifics they are looking for, but without neglecting the characteristic comfort of this design thanks to its airflow ventilation and lightness.


In terms of cycling helmets, the latest innovation is the Gran Fondo EASSUN helmet, which stands out for its light weight and reduced volume thanks to in-mould technology. In addition, this accessory gives a brutal aerodynamics for the athlete thanks to the different vents it has. Its special features are perfect for road and gravel cycling.

Helmet-Lightweight-Cycling-Cycling-Road-Grand Fondo-EASSUN

Another collection that has grown significantly is the cycling gloves with the introduction of two new designs: the Frozen Polar and the Trail EASSUN.

On the one hand, the Frozen Polar EASSUN long cycling gloves are suitable for lower temperature environments, as they feature Windstopper technology, which provides an exclusive feeling of comfort with the warmth achieved. In addition, it is a non-slip model that increases the consumer's comfort when wearing it. Ideal for all types of cycling, whether MTB, gravel or road.

Gloves-Longs-Cycling-Windstopper-Frozen Polar-EASSUN

On the other hand, the brand has new long cycling gloves: the Trail EASSUN. This product stands out for being: breathable, due to the fabric of its upper part, durable and washable. Its strategic design avoids chafing on the palms of the hands due to rubbing against the handlebars. Suitable for any cycling speciality, although especially for MTB (Mountain Bike).


Finally, he knows the MTB 320 cycling shoes, which predominates for being: adjustable, due to the incorporated millimetric closure, and to its ''Vibram'' sole. The material used is a synthetic leather with anti-bacterial and anti-allergic characteristics. These shoes are ideal for MTB (Mountain Bike), although they can be used for other cycling disciplines.


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